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All these packages are tailored from small packages to fairly large packages. Please read the description carefully before commit to any of the packages.

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The Forward Testing Watchlist is generated by the RFA Quantitative Solutions Sdn. Bhd. quantitative system. It is for use of reference and educational studies for out-of-sample testing on a real time basis. Nothing in this educational material should be construed to induce, promote, motivate you to buy, sell or hold any position of stocks mentioned.

Please read and understand the followings before using the Watchlist for your own reference or testing:
1. Terms of Service
2. Disclaimer of Use of Educational Materials

The list is to show the performance of the RFA Quantitative Solutions Sdn. Bhd. quantitative system on a real-time forward testing. You may purchase the Watchlist to see the updated counters and track on your own to know the performance of our system.

Results of the testing will be updated daily in our monthly result blog. Counters that are removed or completed testing will have its details posted in the monthly results here. Details include stock name, test start and end date, supposed bought price and supposed sell price within the test period, supposed gain or supposed loss of value and percentages, length of test period in term of day/s.