RFA Quantitative Solutions >PLATINUM< package

RFA Quantitative Solutions >PLATINUM< package

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PLEASE READ the following description carefully before committing to the Platinum package.

Once you have your trust in us. Come join us for AT LEAST A HUNDRED TRADES. And see what consistent winning in trades feel like. Better still, we will win consistently utilizing our unique and yet simple strategy. Check out our forward testing results here.

What you will get for this package:

1. x100 daily System Generated Watchlist (Original Price RM8900). You can choose which day you would like to get. It is flexible. Just enter the promo code that we will provide to you and get the list as it gets uploaded here every night. Or get archived list here.

2. Join our Private telegram for discussion, chart reviews, advice and many more. (Priceless: Only by invitation)

3. 60% off on any classes or books on our 22 Bitter Truth in Stock Trading series. Books and classes will be added here as it comes available. (Unlimited promocode)

*** We will limit this to only 200 people so that we will not sink the ship when adding certain counters to our portfolio.


Once purchased this package, please remember to message us here with the following information:
Order ID:
Phone No.:
Email Address:


The System Generated Watchlist "how to guide" will explain how to read the watchlist post and also how to read the watchlist that you will receive after purchasing. Click here to read more.

Please keep the watchlist to yourself after you have purchased it. Every watchlist has a different limit which is calculated from the volume. So each watchlist has a different quantity to be sold. If you would like your friend to have it, do share this purchase link with your friend. Thank you.

Please contact us here if you do not receive the email.


The Forward Testing Watchlist is generated by the RFA Quantitative Solutions Sdn. Bhd. quantitative system. It is for use of reference and educational studies for out-of-sample testing on a real time basis. Nothing in this educational material should be construed to induce, promote, motivate you to buy, sell or hold any position of stocks mentioned.

Please read and understand the followings before using the Watchlist for your own reference or testing:
1. Terms of Service
2. Disclaimer of Use of Educational Materials

The list is to show the performance of the RFA Quantitative Solutions Sdn. Bhd. quantitative system on a real-time forward testing. You may purchase the Watchlist to see the updated counters and track on your own to know the performance of our system.

Results of the testing will be updated daily in our monthly result blog. Counters that are removed or completed testing will have its details posted in the monthly results here. Details include stock name, test start and end date, supposed bought price and supposed sell price within the test period, supposed gain or supposed loss of value and percentages, length of test period in term of day/s.

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